Water Treatment

Water is an essential cleaning fluid and has to be available in large quantities with low contamination at reasonable costs.  We have high-performing, easy to use solutions specifically designed for Pre-reverse osmosis (Pre-RO) and cleaning in place (CIP) processes.  Entegris filtration capabilities address water challenges from 50,000 total dissolved solids (TDS) to the removal of nanoparticles for the most demanding applications.  From glass-reinforced plastics (GRP) to steel multiround filter housings that offer reliability, ease of use and reduced costs, to filtration capabilities that span from microfiltration to nanofiltration, we have the capabilities and global infrastructure to optimize your water treatment operations.

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Water Treatment Applications

Featured Brochure

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Liquid Filtration Solutions

This brochure features liquid filtration and purification solutions that remove defect-causing contamination and help improve manufacturing yield and reliability in mainstream applications.