Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers

As logic devices migrate to smaller line widths, 3D NAND architectures increase layers, and DRAM memory density increases, sensitivity to contamination and defects have a greater impact on device performance. To achieve optimum wafer yield and reliability, the microelectron­ics industry needs to address the material purity challenges for these high-performance technologies from chemical manufacture to their point of use.

With so much invested in equipment, once delivered to the fab, the equipment that dispenses the chemical out of the container, filters it, and distributes it through the fab must maintain the cleanliness of that chemical and not add contaminants to it. Partnering with Entegris, we can help you evaluate component cleanliness and source the cleanest chemical delivery, filtration, metrology, and fluid handling systems. Choosing the right solutions for your equipment will help ensure the incoming chemical remains clean throughout your entire system, resulting in better device performance and yield.

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Featured White Paper

Reducing Contamination Points in Clean Chemical Delivery from Manufacture through Point of Use

This paper takes a closer look at ways to more comprehensively meet increasing purity specifications throughout chemical and device manufacturing.