Join us onsite at booth M240, 4th Floor in the Nangang Exhibition Center Hall I, to experience how we enable the development of the “Well-Managed Fab,” learn more about our advanced end-to-end solutions, and discuss with our experts how to partner together to solve the industry’s most complex challenges through the science of innovation.

At the entrance of the exhibition hall, there is a Spiritual Fortress—Future Fab, where we showcase how our core products can revolutionize the manufacturing in the semiconductor industry.

Featured Presentations

In addition to the exhibition, you are welcome to sign up for the presentations by Entegris’ Chief Technology Officer and Senior Principal Scientist.

Topic: Materials Processing for Scaled Devices (Strategic Materials Conference)

Date & Time:
2019.09.19 / 10:00-10:25AM
Location: Booth #M1148, Future Stage, 4F, TaiNEX 1
Speaker: Dr. Jun-Fei Zheng, Senior Principal Scientist

Topic: The Clean Chemical Ecosystem: Holistic Solutions for Improved Yield and Reliability (IC Forum)

Date & Time:
2019.09.20 / 09:30-09:55AM
Location: Room 401, 4F, TaiNEX 1
Speaker: Dr. James O’Neill, Chief Technology Officer

Featured News

Entegris Licenses RSP150 Reticle Pod Technology to CKplas of Taiwan

Entegris announces it has licensed its patented RSP150 technology to CKplas of Taiwan to use for the manufacturing and selling of reticle pods.

Featured Content

The Internet of Things

The demand for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and related applications is increasing process complexity and driving the need for improvements in materials quality, stability, and purity from manufacture to point of use. 

Solutions in Advanced Logic

Leading edge logic is being fueled by new industry drivers like AI, big data, and cryptocurrency. These current market trends are increasing the need for high performing chips.

Holistic Approach to Enabling Device Performance, Yield, and Reliability

Logic devices are getting smaller, and the introduction of 3D architectures that use vertical fins and nanowires in their gate design introduce more complexity to the fabrication process. As technology nodes shrink beyond 10 nm, new materials are required in both FEOL and BEOL processes to enable performance, yield, reliability and cost.

Clean Chemical Delivery

Maintain a clean chemical delivery environment with contamination-controlled chemical packaging, filtration, pumps, and fluid handling products that will increase product yield and reduce financial loss.

Challenges with Glass

As device feature sizes become finer, new root causes for device defects are being traced to glass bottles. That, combined with increasing concern over safety as fabs become larger and more automated, has sparked the industry to develop glass container alternatives.

Safe, Clean Chemical Delivery

To ensure a consistent chemical supply that meets the highest purity requirements of the semiconductor industry, look to our end-to-end chemical handling, transport, and delivery system solutions that satisfy regulatory requirements for purity and safety.

Front-end to Back-end solutions

Entegris provides full container solutions to monitor, protect, transport, and deliver those valuable wafers from the front-end through to the back-end of the fab.

Enabling Advanced Lithography

Extreme Ultraviolet reticle pods are highly-specialized pieces of equipment that fulfill a critical role in EUV lithography. They must protect the reticle during use, storage, and transportation while not introducing additional contamination or damage.

Automotive Reliability

As automotive electronics become more complex and prevalent, the cost of failure in these devices rises. Hidden defects caused by small particles, gels, metal ions, and organic contaminants can lead to failures throughout the vehicle’s life, escalating costs and increasing risk. 

Chasing the Perfect Pattern

Flaws in photolithography patterns have always had a negative impact on yield.  It is becoming more imperative than ever for semiconductor fabricators to prevent these pattern flaws to ensure the functionality and reliability of these devices.

End to End Gas Purification Solutions

Semiconductor device yields have long been impacted by contamination. Gas purity must extend through the full supply chain to prevent process excursions and improve device performance and reliability.

High Purity Chemical Manufacturing

The digital transformation we are all experiencing as consumers presents new challenges to material makers, as well as opportunities. Contamination control remains one of the largest challenge as integrated circuit (IC) technology advances. Better contamination control can significantly improve yield.

The Rare Air of the Semiconductor Fab

Microelectronics fabrication plants (fabs) are complex structures that require sophisticated air circulation and control. For management and energy savings, most of the conditioned air inside a fab is recirculated and may carry increasing amounts of contaminants that are produced internally, from humans, materials, chemicals, and equipment. 

Operational Excellence

Entegris focuses on material purity and preventing defects, our adherence to safety and environmental standards with technology such as SDS® cylinders, gas cabinets, and delivery systems, and our ability to supply locally around the world.

Advanced Coatings

Semiconductor processing at advanced nodes requires extreme levels of cleanliness to minimize the risk of yield loss associated with submicroscopic contaminants. We understand these challenges and offer precision-engineered coatings that extend tool life while improving device yield.   

Silicon Precursor

A toolbox approach to choosing the most appropriate precursor and plasma combination for a given application makes process development more efficient, benefiting semiconductor device manufacturers and their customer.

Safe Delivery Source® introducing SDS4®

Entegris SDS® gas cylinders introduced a new paradigm of safety and performance by storing and delivering gas at sub-atmospheric pressures.

Global Innovation is No Accident

Revolutionary subatmospheric gas delivery solutions.

Handling Wafers with E-chucks

Entegris is offering advanced and smart solutions through continuous technical innovation and collaboration for 20 years