We are pleased to announce our participation in the following SEMICON West 2017 event:

Material Supply Challenges Current Future Leading Edge Devices
Technology and thought leaders from device, materials, and metrology companies will dig into tough questions and provide some clarity and guidance in order for the industry to realize the next generation of devices

Speaker: Jim O’Neill, Entegris CTO
Date: Tuesday, July 11 at 2:40pm
Location: Moscone West
Topic: Holistic Approach to Advanced Materials Supply Chain for 10 nm and Beyond

CMP Technology and Market Trends
Challenges in Cleaning Tungsten and Cobalt for Advanced Node Post CMP and Post Etch Residue Removal Applications

Speaker: Michael White PhD, Entegris Director, PCMP Development 
Date: Wednesday, July 12 at 12:30pm
Location: PARC 55 Hotel 

Featured Products

300 mm SmartStack® Contactless Horizontal Wafer Shippers
300 mm SmartStack® contactless horizontal wafer shippers safely protect and transport bumped wafers in full, thin or ultrathin thickness.

Dome Loaded Pressure Regulators, SRD2 and SRD4 Series
Small, compact pressure regulators preserve valuable equipment space in OEM equipment. All PFA and PTFE wetted parts make these regulators suitable for high-purity chemical handling applications.

FluoroLine® Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Tubing
An ideal solution for minimizing potential issues related to electrostatic discharge in the fab, maintaining chemical purity, ensuring safety and improving process yields. 

EUV Reticle Pods
The EUV pod interfaces with production equipment such as metrology tools, scanners and stockers and is compliant with SEMI® Standard E152.

Gas Delivery Cylinder Systems: SDS®, VAC® and PDS®
Safe and efficient technologies to deliver toxic gases.

Gas Mixtures
Gas blends in a single package reduce the need to co-flow species from multiple cylinders.

GateKeeper® Gas Purification Systems
Automatic regeneration gas purification systems for removing contaminants down to the part-per-trillion level.

Integra® Valves
High-purity, corrosion-resistant Integra® valves offer reliable performance in high-purity, aggressive chemical applications. With no external metal parts, the valves are safe and will not corrode in harsh environments. 

IntelliGen® MV Dispense Systems
Advanced two-stage system enables superior dispense and filtration of mid-viscosity fluids.

InVue® CR288 and NX148 Concentration Monitors
Our portfolio of InVue® concentration monitors, dissolved oxygen sensors and refractometers provide customers with in-line, real-time and scalable monitoring and detection systems.

NOWPak® Bottle Closures
We offer a variety of closure options for the NOWPak® liner-based bottle system including SmartCap™ closures.

Pegasus™ Coating Technology
Pegasus™ series coatings are a family of precision-engineered PVD coatings tailored for fluorine and chlorine plasma etch applications. 

PlanarClean® Cleaning Solutions
Formulated Solutions for Post-CMP.

Planargem® CMP Pad Conditioner
Micro-machined SiC substrate with conformal CVD diamond coating delivers long-life, highly uniform pad conditioning while minimizing substrate damage.

PrimeLock® Nut Locking Safety Device
Innovative safety device mechanically prevents nut from rotating in high-vibration applications.

PrimeLock® Tube Fittings
Premium PFA fittings for high-purity and corrosive chemical applications.

Purasol™ SP/SN Solvent Purifiers
Ultraclean solvent purification with total metal removal performance.

Sentry® QCIII Quick Connect Systems
The cleanest, safest, most user-friendly method of connecting chemical containers with typical bulk chemical delivery systems for high-purity bulk chemical dispense.

TitanKlean® Cleaning Solutions
Advanced post etch residue and hard mask removal solutions.

Torrento® X Filter
Best-in-class filtration of aqueous, outgassing, and aggressive acid and base chemistries.

Trinzik™ Chemical Manufacturing and Ultra-Pure Water Filters  
High flow, hydrophilic and hydrophobic filtration in chemical manufacturing and ultrapure water applications.